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Physical problems and illnesses like cancer, obesity, diabetes, arthritis do not have to be in your future!Before running to the doctors for the next pill or surgery come learn God's original diet prescription for our health and well being.Hi, my name is Jay and I'm a certified health minister with Hallelujah Acres and would be happy to come alongside you and help you experience optimal health and weight. This biblical health program called the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle has helped thousands experience vibrant health and a higher quality of life. Don't settle for mediocre health, you weren't created for that!You can enroll in my Get Healthy Stay Balanced 9 week course or private coaching can also be arranged as an alternative. Though there are costs involved, this is also a ministry and will not turn anyone away for financial reasons.Contact me today and we'll work out a time and location that works for both of us!Read more: